Saturday, July 24

Another Visit To The Central Fire Station

We welcome a sunny morning after days of rain and gloomy weather! The sun was good because Clement had arranged to go to the Central Fire Station with his buddy for some photography fun.

Jaimie is no stranger to a fire station. As far as I can remember, this might be her 4th visit to a fire station! Twice at Central Fire Station, once at Bishan and once at Jurong. She knew what to expect but she was as excited as a child who's having her first visit.

I made her wear her slightly oversized boots so that her feet would not get wet.

Her favourite gor-gor, Ayden, had brought along his camera too!

The highlight of the trip was always to go up on the Combined Platform Ladder, aka CPL. It can go up to 8 storey high and rotates 360 deg.

Visiting the air-conditioned heritage gallery is always much welcomed after the outdoor fun.

After spending about 2 hours in the firestation, we crossed over to Funan and had lunch at QiJi Popiah, one of our favourite eateries. Jaimie recently learned to twirl her noodles round the fork. Her fine motor skill has always been slower in development than her gross motor skills. We are quite happy that she can do this! Oh, for the record, Jaimie has learnt to put on her own tshirt recently too! And she'll insist on changing into her own pjyamas by herself every night. I am so proud of her~ :D

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wolfgirl said...

wow.. so exciting.. It must be every kid's dreams to go up the fireman's ladder..

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viv said...

Looks fun n very nice pic... Maybe I copy you n bring ezra someday!