Monday, September 20






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Jocelyn said...

All the pics are very nice. I especially likes the fourth pic and the one Jae lie stomach down on the bench..

By the way, which camera are u using for the night scene?

wolfgirl said...


Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Very lovely photos, must submit them for contests. Always so amazed to see both you and Jaimie so candid in front of the camera...i can never do such shots...: P


Clement said...

thks for your feedback on the photos, guys. i'm pretty pleased with how the images turned out too. go google HDR (short for high dynamic range) photography. this is a photo processing technique that makes your picture look more dramatic by enhancing the details and contrast of your subject and background.

Jocelyn - same camera as before, Canon EOS 450D. the pic with the bridge's reflection has not been HDR-treated btw. Just a regular shot at maximum aperture setting - i think it was f3.5.