Monday, September 20

Bento #140

Monday blue.
This wasn't the bento I intended to make. It's supposed to be grilled terriyaki mackeral but I burnt them in the oven. After dumping the whole tray of fish into the bin, I was in such a lousy mood that I just pulled out a packet of frozen food from my freezer and heat them up and dump everything in the bento box.
And the bitter taste in my mouth from taking anti-biotics is not helping me at all.
I think I shall not stop making bentos for the time being. Hawker centre food is more appealing for now.

3 voices:

pm188 said...

i chanced upon your blog and found out that you have conducted a bento workshop before. Would you be conducting any other classes? I'm keen to sign up for your future bento workshop.

Angie said...

Hi pm188!

Thank you for your interest! if i shd be conducting another bento workshop (which i honestly doubt so... because i did that one for health promo board lah. it's not my personal class), i will definitely blog about it and advertise it here! :D