Thursday, September 16

Bento #139

Today's bento is egg mayo with apple cubes sandwich, ham, Japanese chicken nuggets and marshmallow for the girls, and the marshmallow is replaced with fruits for Clement's.

I bought the "pan pita" bento tool from Taiwan which seals the filling in the bread so nicely. And the size is so perfect that it fits onto your normal Sunshine or Gardenia bread, cutting away only the edges.

This is for my colleague, Jennifer, and Harriet has an identical one. Jennifer is a beginning teacher and she would be having her lesson observed by the VP today, so I made her a bento to cheer her on. Harriet is a close friend and we are promised to hold hands to help each other survive this last semester of the year.

Teaching is a very exhausting vocation, both physically and emotionally. It is important that we have comrades to cheer one another on, cheer one another up, and lend a helping hand when someone is drowning. And I am very blessed to have such good colleagues and friends.

Friendship is a wonderful gift.

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Anonymous said...


wolfgirl said...

I agree totally. We will never survive without good colleagues and friends who support us along the way.

And sometimes, it just feels a little better knowing that someone else in the staff room is going through the same thing...and taht we are never alone.

Billie Anne said...

Hi! Wondering if you could conduct a bento workshop for my department? Love your bento! :)

Angie said...

Hi Billie Anne!

Thanks for your compliments! However, i am not a bento teacher. i am a full time working mom and bento making is only a hobby and survival skill because the canteen food is really lousy. :)

We can work something out if time and other factors permit.