Sunday, September 12

Singapore Bay Run and Army Half Marathon 2010

After all our training and preparation, this is THE big day for Clement to run his 1st half marathon while I stayed in my comfort zone in the 10km. Since the flag off time for the 21km was at 5.15am, Clement left the house really early while I slept till 5.45am and made my way to the Esplanade.

I am supposed to run with my buddies HappyPig and my MayDay comrade, YH. But YH couldn't meet us in the morning for some reason so it was just HappyPig and me happily taking photos. Everywhere. I think I might have forgotten that this was supposed to be a running event, not a photography session.

We take pictures inside the toilet.

We take pictures while walking to the starting point.

We take pictures along the bridge.

We take pictures at the starting point.

We take MORE pictures at the starting point.

I took pictures when I was running up the killer bridge near the MBS. (What's the name of that bridge/ flyover?)

I took picture when I completed my race.

I took picture of my completion medal.

I took picture with HappyPig again after she came back.
See, full of photo moments!!

The SBR was very challenging because of the Shears Bridge and the one near the MBS. I almost gave up but I completed my race in the jogging motion. I was a bit demoralised because even when I was in the jogging motion, I couldn't even overtake the lady in front of me who was brisk walking! ALAMAK!! However, to my surprise, my timing improved by 1 or 2 mins as compared to my previous Shape Run. Hmm, I deserve a pat on my back!!

Clement, on the other hand, messaged me when I ran past the 7km mark to tell me he had completed his half marathon after 3 painful (literally) hours. He said he ran for 13km and walked and jogged for the next few km. Then, at the last 500m or so, his MP3 played MayDay's song 《起来 》 and that motivated our dear uncle to summon up the very, very last bit of his remaining strength to run past the finishing line although his ankles were about to give way. He deserves a pat on the back too~ :)

Full marathon next year, uncle??

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Joyce Long said...

Admired yr determination spirit...and great to have great kakis and hubby to join in...u r wonderful...

nana said...

Sorry to side track, was HappyPig fm St Nicks? She look SOOOOO familiar! =)

Angie said...

yes, you know her? you old girl too? maybe she knows you too!?

nana said...

Ya, i m old girl too. We were band members. :)

Tisu Girl said...


Can I know if it is ok to borrow you pic of the up slope run towards MBS for my blog entry on the run? I also did 10k, but was 3min behind you...hahah...Didn't bring my cam along so missed out all the scenery..

Angie said...

hi tisu girl,

ok! no problem!:)

Tisu Girl said...

Thanks Angie!

Will fwd u the blog post once i get the other half of the pic fr my fren. :)

BS said...

The bridge beside MBS should be Benjamin Sheares Bridge :)

Tisu Girl said...

Hi Angie,

Here's my entry for the run