Thursday, September 30

Bento #143

I have plain white rice, pan-fried cod fish, chilli chicken slices with ginger strips, tofu with fishcake topping and my usual favourite broccoli and honey cherry tomatoes.

Tofu with fishcake topping--肥雄
chicken-- mom
rice -- mom
cod fish -- self
veg and fruits -- self

A "well-balanced" meal of home-cooked goodness and delicious sinful food; maximum variety with minimum effort. Heh. I am such a genius~~

No cod fish for me because there's only 2 portions left in my fridge. I gave one to Clement and one to my colleage.

We have a new colleague in our dept who just joined us very recently. She is really young (compared to me~~) and left her home country to work in Singapore alone. She's not allowed to cook in her rented unit. A little bento is my way to show her my friendship as a colleague and as a Singaporean!

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BS said...

that was really sweet of you to portion the fish to hubby and friend :)