Monday, April 4

Jaimie's 5th Birthday -- Family Celebration

I do not believe in holding big parties for young children for their birthdays. Birthdays can be celebrated by giving thanks to parents who give birth to us, to those who love us, and to those who bring us up. Hence, I very much prefer family meal gatherings to children's parties because I want to take the opportunity to thank my parents and my in laws for loving Jaimie so much and taking care of her.

Jaimie will be 5 years old soon.

My dearest daughter, happy birthday to you! I thank you for joining mommy and daddy and be part of the family. I thank god every day to have a lovely daughter like you. From the day you become part of the family, there's only 2 things mommy and papa want for you: Good health and happiness. May you be blessed with abundance, always.

Loving you so dearly,


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stardust said...

We also hold small family celebrations and love going overseas trips for the occasion!

Happy birthday to Jae!

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lwhjoyce said...

Happy blessed birthday to Jaimie..wishing her happiness always..