Wednesday, April 6

Jaimie's Birthday Wish

Jaimie wrote this note to me last night. I "lon-bang" on this post to document the very first note she wrote to me~ a love note that cheered me up totally after a long, busy and hard day at work. Thank you, my love.
Today is Jaimie's birthday and we brought her to Swensen's to enjoy her favourite spaghetti, french fries and ice cream. Jaimie's birthday wish (no prompting from us at all): "I wish that every year I can celebrate my birthday with papa and mama, and the planet Earth will not have any earthquake."

She can run for Miss Universe.

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Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of her. Happy 5th birthday Jaimie!!! Wishing you happiness always :)

Shana said...



Angie said...

thank you aunty diana and aunty shana!