Tuesday, April 12

Bento #171

Jaimie's bento for today. Everything is packed according to her highness's request.

2 voices:

Shana said...

So colourful! My bento for ZY is so simple, I don't dare to post it up. ^_^

Btw, I saw in a Jap show that we can peel off the shell of an egg by putting it in a plastic bag and roll it for a while. This show is very informative for mummies like you who are in a hurry for things to be done in the morning. It's every Tuesday night at 8.00p.m. on Channel U. My mum loves it as she says she can learn alot from it!

Angie said...

thanks for sharing, shana!! :)
post your bento pics!! it's for your own record and ZY to rem her mommy's love!! nth is too simple in a bento. it's all LOVE LOVE LOVE.