Monday, August 24

3 Kids, 2 Engineers, 1 Sci teacher and a completely lost soul in Science Centre

We have arranged to go Science Ctr with YS and family on the Saturday morning. To our very pleasant surprise, Joyce and CS brought Cheerlyn there too! We had breakfast together at McDonalds. Cheerlyn enjoyed her pancake very much while Jaimie only wanted the cheese in Clement's SME and one of my fish fillets in my double fillet o'fish.

Jaimie took a picture with the roaring dinosaur. She wasn't yawning. She was just pretending to be afraid by covering her mouth so that her daddy can capture some pictures to send to National Geographic.
The girls were enjoying themselves trememdously in the Science Centre. The 2 engineers were very excited and felt so at home in the Science Centre that they tried to explain what they saw to the toddlers, who paid no attention, of course. I tried to be inquisitive and asked Clement what's the rule/ theory/ law behind all these moving objects. Unfortunately, I seriously could not understand a single thing.

Shelley, who is a science teacher, brought the girls to see chicken hatching in the incubator! Oh... these little chicks are soooooo cute! But I still like to eat chicken. Sorry.

Dont ask me what was Jaimie doing. As far as I was concerned, she was just rolling some marbles down the slope.

We met Cheerlyn in one of the exhibition halls.

This is really cool. You write a message to mother earth on an electronic board, smile at the webcam and your message will be projected to the wall!
This was Jaimie's message to Mother Earth (translated by her mommy): "Dear Mother Earth, We know we must take care of you or else you will be like the Humpty Dumpty. When you fall apart, none of us can save you again." See, a picture tells a thousand words. hahaha!!

Finally, some outdoor water play at the Science Centre!! All the 3 girls were thrilled!

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