Monday, August 24

Jaimie's First Plant

While everybody is crazy about being a virtual farmer in Facebook, Jaimie planted her FIRST real plant last week!

She was asked to plant 2 green bean seeds by her Shichida class teacher. I told her she needed to water the plants everyday and talk to the plant so that it would grow. Jaimie frowned and looked at me. She replied, "Plants have NO EARS!" Errr... I was quick witted enough to reply her "Yes, but the plants can listen to you even though it doesn't have ears." =_=

This is the result of Jaimie's labour. One week of watering and putting the plant at the window.

She was really proud of her little baby! Unfortunately, I need to return the plant to the soil over the weekend. Jaimie sadly bid her little buddy goodbye and threw it inside the, ahem, kitchen bin.

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Jocelyn said...

I also grown some red and green beans for Elvina (but's it's purely for fun). My mum and I always teases Elvina that we going to cook her veggies to eat and she's so protective of it. Maybe I should also take some photos of her 'veggies' and post in my blog to mark down her first plant..