Monday, August 24

Meeting up With An Inspiring (LZ)Mommy

Those who have read my book "My Bento Stories" or have been following this blog would have known that my bento-making passion is very, very much inspired by LZMommy. Her love for her children is evident in the jaws-droppingly beautiful bentos she created for her lovely L and Z.

Hence, there is no reason why I should not dedicate the book to LZMommy!

After visiting each other's blog for quite some time, we finally met up over weekend. It was rather easy to identify each other from the crowd because our blogs are filled with our children's photos! It is quite easy to recognise L and Z.
Jaimie wasn't in the best of mood but she warmed up shortly after jiejie L and gorgor Z played catching with her.

LZMommy and I had a good chat while the kids enjoyed one another's company. L and Z are indeed such sweet angels.

We must meet up again, LZMommy! It was a short chatting session but I enjoyed talking to you very much!

2 voices:

LZmommy said...

Hi Angie

I am very happy to meet you, Clement & Jaimie :) Hope we have the chance to chat again :)

Angeline said...

Its like meeting up with your Idol!!! and your 'en-ren' to the success of this book eh?