Wednesday, September 1

Teachers' Day 2010 (Food and Fun Day)

When you do things together with your friends, the fun gets multiplied. After the 2nd fun art session, the group of us calls for an art session for our monthly gathering. As daddies are not invited to this special mother-and-child-cum-teachers'-gathering-cum-celebration-of-WG's-big-promotion, I took the MRT to Clarke Quay with Jaimie in the morning. While walking from the MRT to Liang Court, Jaimie got very distracted by the beautiful lantern decorations. Ahh~ I almost forgot that the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming up!

Viv baked the teacher-mommies muffins as teachers' day gifts! Thank you, my dear friend, for always making something for us every Teachers' Day.

While we "deposit our kids" with Elaine for the art session, we entertained ourselves by taking silly photos. We were behaving like children. Surely nobody will suspect that we are teachers...

Yeah! That's us!

Friends for 4 years!!

We can't believe it has been that long!

When we go out with our children, we can still look graceful, sometimes.

Most of the time we are Siow Char Boh.

Because we have to manage 1001 things at the same time! We have to be the 1000-hand Buddha, you know!

Thank goodness the kids didn't see what their mommies were doing behind their back, literally. They were really busy with Elaine! And Elaine is really good with children!

The kids are so coordinated. They chose bees, flowers and butterflies...

We had a good time and the children had lots of fun! Thanks, Elaine!! :) We'll see you again in the next holiday!

Then, we adjourned to Streets Hong Kong Cafe for lunch. Wolfgirl giving a treat because she has a big promotion!! Congrats, my dear friend!! And thanks for the yummy lunch!

This was hilarious. The kids (actually, it's Jaimie and Rain) suddenly broke into the Hokkien song "Wah Meng Tee", the theme song from the Taiwan drama "Love" aired every Saturday for the past few years. They were singing so loudly and even swinging their bodies to the melody! O.M.G.

After lunch, Joyce had to go off first. The 3 of us took a "stroll" in the supermarket. The crazy mommies went crazy again by doing a "trolley race" along the aisles. Gosh... I am glad we were not thrown out of the supermarket. I hope we were not being Stomped too. Hahahaha~~~!!

This is really a fun and crazy day!!!

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Jacky said...

Ya the silly things we do.... Teachers need a break too,,, wow we have been friends for 4yrs already? Let's continue to count on to 40 yrs,

BS said...

Wow, didn't know there were so many pics as I was really occupied with the kids! You used an auto-camera or someone helped with photo-taking? But I like your group's spontaneous poses, not silly at all lah, I would do it if I had kakis posing together :) Glad to see all of you having a great time yesterday!

Angie said...

Elaine, these are only a fraction of the number of photos we took! I trigger-happy lah! We used auto timer. Cannot ask someone else to take... he'll freak out. hahahaha!!

Joyce Long said...

Great fun with great friends!!!

Lydia said...

Pics(& captions) of the mommies were fun. Congrats to WG for the promotion!