Monday, August 9

2010 NDP Gathering

It's our monthly gathering again and this time Viv was doing a story telling cum steamboat dinner cum pledge taking at 2010hr on National Day!

Viv told a lovely story about a magical garden. The children participated spontaneously in the activities!

The children creating their own magical garden!

The delicious and healthy steamboat dinner Viv and Jacky prepared for the guests. Yummy yummy!!!

The children loved their dinner! Noodles seems to be every child's favourite staple.

Busy serving the little ones. Only when they had eaten then we could sit down and have a peaceful meal.
We came in our national colours! We were prepared to take the pledge at 2010hr!
I bought some koniyaku. See, I chose only red and white jellies for the occasion.

However, the 4 of us had such a good time chatting in the room after dinner (and oblivious to the children's screaming) that we missed Jaimie's loud calling for us to take the pledge. By the time we realised, we missed the moment. Well well...

We realised that Ultraman might be a Singaporean...

We couldn't believe this! Viv's homemade durian puff!!!!!!!!! They were better than the best in Singapore!!!! We just attacked them the moment she stuffed the durian fillings into the custard bun.

Although we missed the pledge taking moment, it doesn't mean we are less patriotic. We love our little island because this is where our families and friends are! National Day is best spent with best friends!
Thanks Viv and Jack, for orgainsing the gathering!! We had a great time!!!

2 voices:

viv said...

most welcome & anytime!! we love having guests... am glad that the story telling went ok & the kids enjoyed the session & the adults enjoyed the food!!

happypig said...

durian puffs~~~

其实昨天AS也带来了D24的durian puffs!O(∩_∩)O哈!