Thursday, August 12

YOG Torch Relay

This is really once in a life time thing! How often do you get to cheer for the Olympics torch relay??

Our school made a lot of preparations to cheer for the torch bearers as they would be passing by our school today. More importantly, these 2 torch bearers who would be running pass our school are our students!! So proud of them!!! By 10.30am, the entire school was lined up along the road where our students will be running to get ready for them. You can really feel the excitement in the air!
Even the little children from the neighbouring nursery were lining up to witness the special moment.

Finally, the moment arrived!

The torch bearers were on this red bus. They alighted at their assigned destination to get ready for their relay.

Sponsors distributing fan, coke and other souvenirs to our students.

The boy in orange t-shirt is the torch bearer from our school.

We returned to school at 11.40am. I am glad I witnessed the relay! This is perhaps my only involvement in the YOG~~:D

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Anonymous said...

不知何故,两个女儿都超迷merly and lyo。她们在车上的兴趣就是数一路上所看到的merly and lyo!两人都觉得这两只吉祥物超可爱。

Angie said...

我的也是!然后时不时还会唱那个令我抓狂的YOG Cheer.

wolfgirl said...

This is the last time the torch will be lit in Greece Mount Olympus.

And it might be the last time in history that there will be a torch relay cos of the recent problems during the Summer Olympics 2010 torch relay in China.

Glad that we can be prt of it.

Oh yeah Oh yeah Hey!

BS said...

I was at Jurong West last Thurs to catch my brother in the relay with the torch, who was very lucky to be selected. It was just 100m slow run for my bro, but Ee Zen was very excited to see upclose his uncle holding the torch flame.

Angie said...

BS: WOW!!! You all must be so proud of him!!

BS said...

you bet, even hubby pushed his appointment later morning so he could chauffeur us, my sis in law and nephew to that particular lamppost station my bro was supposed to run from :) and of course, my boy didn't let go the chance to "boast" to his class teacher at school later that day!