Saturday, August 14

Little Miss Chatterbox

Not much has changed insomuch as this girl's storytelling abilities is concerned.

She still chatters on and on, despite the lack of any real audience.

She still uses a prop book, drawing the slightest of inspiration from the contents for the concoction of her tale.

She still favours the use of hand gestures, which she liberally employs to spruce up her storytelling efforts.

As for the listeners, it is still the greatest challenge, or perhaps the silliest, to attempt to make sense out of whatever she is blabbering on about.



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absolutfaith said...

Jae is soooooooo cute!!!! Love the first video where she just went on and on with her "ya ya" and "bok bok bok". Loved the conversation between Mummy and Jae.

happypig said...


levine_tay said...

Wahhahaha, baby already sooo good with stories!! Very cute! ;)

Lydia said...

Love both vidoes! I watched the 1st years ago and fell in love with Jae! aiyo aiyo aiyo... haha! This latest clip is amazing too, I enjoyed her story, 生动有趣又好笑!3:17 - What did the letter H say? "Pukee....", haha! If you include pics of the pages she read, it would be interesting! :)

0:15 - Love her sweet smile~