Monday, August 16

Bento #133

I was mass producing bento-s this morning again. 6 in total. 4 for my students, 1 for Clement and 1 for myself. I was pressing for time in the morning and hence Clement took these pictures for me.
I copied the idea from a bento making book by making these little onigiris little hoods using inari skin. To save time, I fried the luncheon meat and hard boiled the eggs the night before. I bought some Japanese pickles too. Guess what? It goes extremely well with the honey cherry tomatoes! I put the pickles in my mouth and it was too salty. I popped in a tomato at the same time and the taste was marvellous!
Clement said his photos didn't do my bento-s justice as he felt that they were the nicest one I have made so far. Hmmm... but I felt that I could do better if I had another half an hour. WAIT! That means waking up at 4.30am~~!!! NOOOooooooo~!

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wolfgirl said...

You have very fortunate students... this is how we bond and build rapport.

The cute little faces seems to be cheeky little boys and girls, winking at you...不舍得吃喔。。。

I love blogging! said...

nice bento! :)Can I have 1 too? keke... :)

viv said...

very pretty... when can i ever have such pretty bento!!

happypig said...


Anonymous said...

Wow mass produce to do 6! I do 2 already so tough... Can't think I'll do 6 at a go. Great work!!!