Tuesday, August 17

The Prize

Me: Good night, Jaimie.
Jae: Oyasuminasai!
Me: Oyasumi. Oh, let me tell you something. Papa got the highest marks in class for the Japanese test. 爸爸第一名~
Jae: Yeah! 爸爸第一名! *Throws herself at me*
Me: Whoa!
Jae: I give you hug-hug as prize for (being) number one!
Me: Thank you, dear *感动*. You'd have to work hard next time, so you can be number one too, ok?
Jae: Ok! When I am number one, I'd get gold medal as prize. Then I'd give medal to Papa.
Me: *特感动*

3 voices:

Angie said...

“这都是虚名。。。就好像浮云一样。。。”shaolin soccer

Clement said...

"重点在于奖励。排名则属其次。" KiNiGu

Lydia said...

Interesting exchange btwn mama & papa, haha! I wonder how you did that, I mean the background, it's so perfect.. perfectly black. So you can speak in Japanese too...