Tuesday, August 17

Bento #134

I need sleep. I seriously do.

I look terribly tired and hagged. Waking up at 5am is really no joke although I enjoy making bentos in the morning very much. If I have to wake up at 5am, that means I need to sleep earlier. That means I have less time to surf net, kpo on FB, write blog, read books... :(

Hence, the solution is, you make really simple bento. The rice was my mom's famous long bean rice which she gave me yesterday. The curry chicken was from a Malay stall. I just needed to blanch the shanghai green. With that, I get an extra 50mins of sleep.


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BS said...

i really admire your wholeheartedness in making bentos at 5am every morning (what time do you sleep after putting your girl in bed, marking schoolwork etc?!) and especially making multiple ones to offer your colleagues too :)

I love blogging! said...

Is your bento box 3 tier? can share where you get the box? :) I am looking for a 3 tier box... keke
I am crazy abt bento boxes & accessories... lolz! It's addictive! lolz! :)

Angie said...

it's not 3 tier bt it is a set of 4 boxes. Ihave 2-3 of such sets. they are quite easily available, eg Sanrio shops or normal places where you buy your bento making tools (not daiso, though!) :D


"...normal places where you buy your bento making tools..." -----> May I know where are these normal places?? :D

Angie said...


在Chinatown Pt 三楼有一间吉蒂猫专卖店,那里就有好些产品,但是都是吉蒂猫的啦。同样在唐城坊,一楼有多啦A梦专卖店,也有很多款式的便当盒。有时候,百货公司,如美罗,的儿童文具部也有。Tiny Toons时常可以找到又便宜又美(但是不一定是密封)的便当盒子。再不然,经过一些售卖小玩意儿的推车,不妨搜寻一下,有时也会有惊喜。



Angie said...