Wednesday, August 4

Bento #132

Clement had one of his wisdom teeth extracted yesterday. Being a loving and caring wife *ahem ahem*, I planned a soft diet bento for him -- japanese egg roll, steamed tofu with minced pork and shiitake mushrooms, and broccoli. To his pleasant surprise, he suffered no pain nor severe bleeding! Great! So I added in extra shiitake mushrooms for him to chew!!

This is my lunch. Big lunch! I had the same bento as Clement, plus a big serving of fruits. My school is very nice to teachers. Towards the end of each term, the principal and vice principals will give us a small treat to show their appreciation to us. Today we were treated to a bowl of soya bean curd each. It's not the food but the thought that counts. And my lovely colleague bought me a cup of nice cold barley so that I could quench my thirst after my consecutive lessons.

Little things like this make the workplace a happy one.

I planned to eat my lunch during my half an hour lunch break. By the time I came down from the classroom, 5 mins had passed. Ring ring, a call from a concerned parent. 10mins gone. 10mins to eat my fruits and tofu and 2 spoonfuls of rice. 5mins to get ready for the next lesson. By the time my lesson ended and I went back to my seat to complete my meal, it was 2.30pm.
This is quite "normal" for a teacher!

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sw wong said...

连Open chan便当盒都有哦!Can you share the steamed egg recipe?

Angie said...


bento box courtesy of YH. :D

Japanese egg roll, not steamed egg. here's the recipe: (1)take any form of transport to supermkts that have Jap food counter, eg NTUC extra, Giant, Carrefour, Cold storage (2) proceed to the Japanese counter (3) select the ready-made egg roll (4)make payment. :D

sw wong said...

Ready made?? Didn't know they sell such stuff though I like to hang out at supermarkets. :P Buy first next time learn to make~

I love blogging! said...

Hahaha.. I just about to ask you how to make that egg roll & see your reply.... can post how it look like? How come I didnt see any... lolz~

wolfgirl said...

Thanks for sharing the step by step instructions on the egg roll.

I chio gar beng!!! hahahahahaha...

said... who is willing to try?? :P

Angie said...

i think my recipe is easier!!! hahahahaha!!!