Wednesday, September 1

Jaimie's First Visit To The Dentist

After the crazy Teacher-Mommy gathering session in the late morning, we got a lift from Wolfgirl to City Square Mall to visit the dentist in Q&M. It's Jaimie's turn to see the dentist, for the very first time!

She was very nervous when we reached there and she even wanted to back out the last minute. I had prep-talked her for a few days but she was still afraid. Since we were early for our appointment, I asked the receptionist if I could show Jaimie the children's dental room to further prepare her. Jaimie was much more at ease after she saw the room matches what I described to her, and perhaps even better than she imagined. There was a play area for kids at the reception area. Jaimie made herself very comfortable there and was totally relaxed.
When the dentist, Dr Clement Eng (please note the surname is different from ours. The Clement in my family doesn't moonlight, ok?) appeared, Jaimie wanted to back out again. Dr Eng was very fast and very good in engaging in small talks with Jaimie. This got her quite distracted and started walking along with him to the consultation room. It took her some time and courage to lay on the chair. By the way, Dr Eng is also my dentist and Clement Ng's.
Jaimie was very reluctant and nervous. I can totally understand, my dear princess!! Even the Barney video couldn't distract her very much.

After a "High 5 balloon" (made from the rubber glove!) and more friendly conversations with Dr Eng, Jaimie was more at ease and was willing to put on her shades. A good start!

Then, Dr Eng demonstrated on Jaimie's nails to show her the action and sensation that she would be experiencing later.

I am not sure if you have heard of the riddle "How can one whistle and brush his teeth at the same time" (Ans: he is brushing his denture) but Jaimie was polishing her teeth and talking NON-STOP at the same time! She was telling Dr Eng her favourite food, her favourite cartoon characters and describing what's "Bing and Bong" to him. Dr Eng, on the other hand, was entertaining Jaimie while educating her on good oral hygiene practices.

Jaimie was so pleased to see her "Princessy Pearlie Whites" because Dr Eng said only Shrek has ugly and dirty teeth, princesses have beautiful white teeth. Jaimie happened to re-watch Shrek recently and she agreed with him fully.

Dr Eng showing Jaimie how to brush her teeth. Now Jaimie is totally friend-friend with him.

The visit lasted about 45mins and it cost $80+++. It's quite alright and I highly recommend Dr Clement Eng's service. He is very young (only 28!! I asked, because Clement NG and I had a bet on his age) but his professional knowledge is so good that Clement NG guessed Clment ENG is 45 years old! Clement ENG nearly freaked out when he heard it.

Guess who was Jaimie talking to? Rain Tan! She was sharing her experience at the dentist with her best friend! She urged Rain to visit the dentist as it was "not scary and not painful". She also told Rain "there's no need to cry. must be brave!" It's so funny to listen to them talk! Eh, don't look at me like that. I am not eavesdropping ok!

We are so proud of Jaimie for going through her first dental checkup so bravely! Well done, my darling!!!
The next visit will be 6mths later and Jaimie is so looking forward to it already.

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sherlyn said...

The QnM there has kiddo room set up for kids? How come Clementi one don't have? sigh.

stardust said...

well done, Jae!

For Vince, it helps if I also bk an appt with my neighbourhood clinic dentist before his time slot so he has a better idea.

Joyce Long said...

Whoa!! Excellent, Jaimie! We are so proud of u.

Lydia said...

That's a good visit for a 1st! She chatted while having her teeth checked? A true chatterbox she is, haha!

Angie said...

Yes Lydia, she is a 叽喳妹。 :D

BS said...

I made a mistake in bringing my 3 year-old daughter to my son's appointment when he had a front tooth extracted. So now she developed a phobia for dental checks, sigh...

I may have to try bringing her to my dentist when I go for my check (but would have to return another time if there're any procedures!)

Bianca Jackson said...

I know this post is from months ago, but I have to say this: it really makes me smile whenever I see kids just go through the dental procedures smiling 'til the end. Oh, those are cool and cute shades, by the way.

Angie said...

thanks, Bianca! she's due for the next dental visit already!!:)

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