Monday, August 30


This is for record purpose only.

I ate 9 mini pies from Delifrance today. 2 for breakfast, 3 for lunch and 4 for dinner. plus 1.5 sponge cake from Angie the Choice.

I didn't make the choice.

This was just some of the left over food from the potluck yesterday. Clement and his colleagues had the gathering at our place and since some of them didn't want to bring home the food, we kept them in our fridge.


Note to self: next time must insist the guests to bring back the food.

I nearly died from eating 九连“Pie” and not to mention the calories and fat.

I just sent Clement a sms. I will seriously murder the person who buys me pies for the next 12 mths.


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I love blogging! said...

I shared the same feeling. We organized a BBQ at our place some time back and all our friends brought over additional food despite we said not to. They do not want to bring back the left over food. It was really a BIG BIG mistake, cos me & my Ang had to eat the same food for days!