Sunday, June 27

Artists' Playdate @LPN Art School (Part 2)

Jaimie had a wonderful time with her art buddy at LPN Art School in March. This time was just as fun but the photos weren't as good as the previous one because I used my dummy camera instead of Clement using his DSLR.

Vanessa helping the young and inspiring artists to get ready. Picassa-Rain chose to draw on a canvas while Da Vinci-Jae chose to decorate a wooden magical wand.

Alright, I admit I didn't know we have to plan before drawing. No wonder I failed my art all the way in school.

Some artists are particularly mad with themselves if they could not translate their thoughts and feelings onto their art work. Outbursts of emotion is quite normal for artistic people. In Chinese, we call that 艺术家脾气。

Jaimie's awesome plan. A potted plant with LEGS. How do you beat that?

Rain wanted to draw dinosaurs. Where are the dinosaurs? Of course they were extinct!

Jaimie colouring her magical wand carefully.

She decided that she would do some hand painting since her hands were covered with yellow paint.

Rain working on her masterpiece.

Still making more impressions.

Proud artist! Great work, Rain!!

Jaimie's "abstract art". She drew with her left and right hand.

Proud Wolfgirl bursting with pride. :D
We went for lunch together after the 1 hour session. The girls enjoyed each other's company so much that they took another table to have some private conversation between themselves. They must be planning for their next outing.

Of course we'll go for another craft session together soon!

4 voices:

viv said...

nice looks like lots of FUN... call ezra along next time ok...

wolfgirl said...

Thanks... we had a great time (minus the tantrums..).

Should have joined you guys for the boat trip!

Must do this again.

Joyce Long said...

Great get together.... wonderful art experience and most important is awesome companion... (^&^)

Angie said...

Viv: sure!!!

Wolf: thanks for initiating this activity!

joyce: indeed!