Thursday, June 24

A Touching and Inspiring Book -- Cancer Warriors

Yesterday was a very fruitful day for me not because I was being interviewed by Young Parents but because the journalist who interviewed me, Stella Thng, shared with me the book she published a few years ago.

We were chatting and she was asking me questions about my book. Then, when we were talking about book publishing, Stella shared with me that she had published a book too. Because she lost her sister to cancer, she went on to do a project to interview cancer patients, tell their inspiring and courageous stories to the world. By doing so, she not only helped to raise awareness on this silent killer, she raised funds for charity too.

I totally admired her for what she did. And she got a commendation letter from the Prime Minister for this project.

After the 1hr 30mins phone interview, I went to the library to look for her book. I was very lucky to find a copy on the shelves!

I couldn't wait to read the book and when I started reading, I finished the book in one go.

Stella asked me to give her my comments after reading the book so when I was done, I closed the book and tried to remember which particular cancer warrior left the deepest impression on me. To my surprise, out of the 20+ people who were featured in the book, I could easily remember at least 15 of them! Each of their stories is so unique, so touching and so heart-warming that you will not forget them.

I sms-ed Stella to tell her what I felt about this wonderful book.

I told her her book made me treasure everything more.

Yes, after reading the stories, you will realise that health is truly your biggest assets and blessing. All setback or unhappiness in life becomes very trivial and we should treasure each day as if it is the last!

I am not sure if this book is still on sale. If I happen to see it, I will buy a copy ($12.90, I think!) to support this project.

If not, it is available in the National Libraries.

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