Sunday, June 27

Cruise In The River Of Time

After the craftwork session and lunch with Rain, Clement suggested that we take a cruise along the Singapore River.

Singapore River had a special place in my heart no because it was one of the places Clement and I used to go when we were dating (we used to just sit there to listen to the clock chime at Victoria Concert Hall! WALAU!) , it was also a place my parents used to bring me when I was very young. My father would tell me stories of the 红灯码头 and his childhood when we were strolling along the then very smelly river. I couldn't remember the odour before the river was being cleaned up but I remembered the time we spent there with my parents.

Now, we are bringing Jaimie for a cruise along the Singapore River, the place where our island's history began.

Jaimie enjoyed a turkish ice cream and the breeze after the cruise.
As I sat on the boat and enjoyed the ride, I realised that the skyline in Singapore is beautiful! I had never seen it from another angle which this boat ride allowed me to do so.
Some people think that Singapore is small and boring. To me, this little island meant a lot to me. And I will always love it because this is where I belong.

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BS said...

I like to just gaze at the S'pore River (and daydream sometimes) everytime I walk by to cross Read Bridge. Kind of relaxing, haha...

Glad to see Jaimie & Rain enjoying their art session again, the draft work helps little artists like them reinforce their creation and also to "assure" parents their kids were art-making :) becos importantly, it's the *process* (not necessarily *product*) that matters more in children's art.

Shana said...

We initially wanted to bring ZY to a River Cruise too as The Singapore Family Pledge's promotion will give us a 50% discount. But with the unpredictable weather nowaday, we did not manage to go. Looks like you guys throughly enjoyed yourself!