Saturday, May 29

I Like To Move It Forever After

The last time we were at the RWS, we took some pictures at the entrance of the Universal Studios Singapore. Today, we finally got to enter the USS and experience what it had to offer.

Jae had been looking forward to this visit to the theme park, as we have primed her about this trip since quite a while ago. The helium balloons weren't allowed in the rides, so after a couple of times of depositing them at the ride entrances, we sneakily decided to 'forget' to retrieve them after exiting. Fortunately, Jae was sufficiently distracted by other things to not grill us about her missing balloons. Well, not too much.

The first section of the USS we visited - the castle of Far Far Away

The first ride we took - Shrek's 4D Adventure. Thought it would feature some brand new contents, but the stuff they showed was actually the 3D short movie that was around since shortly after Shrek 2. Ok, the additional effects (aka the 4th D) did make the overall experience worth our while. Jae liked it quite a lot, especially those wet sneezes!

King Julien's Beach Party Go-Around. A pretty neat carousel ride, also the final resting place of Jae's helium balloons.

The Madagascar penguin was the first live character we encountered at the park. We wanted to queue for the photo-shoot but the attendant told us the guy in the bird suit needed to take a break and asked that we come back later. Sure, no problem. We figured that if we were already having trouble with the sweltering heat, that poor fella must be really baking in there, so let's cut him (or her) some slack.

Casa de Wild was where we had our lunch. The USS tickets we got came with $60 worth of F&B vouchers, so we managed to dine twice in there. The second meal was at the restaurant at the New York section, where I lost my wallet (but miraculously recovered it when I went back to look for it almost half hour later!).

Our first family shot at the USS.

Jae posing as Supes when she recognised the Superman theme being played.

There was this really huge replica of the ship from Madagascar, the one in which the animals were mistakenly shipped from Central Park Zoo to Africa.

With Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. Their song (the one which all kids know how to sing) was played on loop and can be heard everywhere in the Madagascar section.

Us queuing up for the "Enchanted Airways" roller coaster ride, back in Far Far Away. This one was faster, and bumpier than Jae's first roller coaster ride at Escape Theme Park. She took it quite well, so good, we can keep pushing the threshold.

Jae was obviously unimpressed by Friar's enthusiastic recommendations.

A pity that the Battlestar Galatica rides still weren't operational after being shutdown shortly after the park opened. Took a picture with the lonesome Cylon.

Quite a good show was put up at the Waterworld section. Plenty of splashes and pyrotechnic displays. Good thing the actors and actresses were all ang mors. Can't imagine the show with lines delivered in Singlish accent, nor with characters played by Ah Beng's wearing blonde wigs.

Finally, we managed to get a photo-shoot with a Madagascar character. We also met Po aka Kungfu Panda, and Puss (the one in the boots), but didn't manage to take pics with these chaps.

We met Charlie along the streets of New York but didn't bump into Marilyn. So, Jae decided that perhaps she should to the honours herself.

These boys call themselves "Street Boys". They are really quite good.

Jae was suitably impressed.

And she decided she ought to audition on stage, in case USS wanted to form "Street Gals".

See, I too know some cool 地板动作 ~

She soon found out that this was tougher than she'd expected. Much to learn you have, young Padawan.

So Jae, how much have you enjoyed yourself at USS?
Jae: Thiiiiiiiiis much!

What do you want to do now?
Jae: Go home and zzzzzzz...

We met Woody just as we were about to exit the theme park. In the plastic bag I was holding were some souveniors we bought using he $30 retail vouchers that came with the USS tickets. Jae picked a Penguin cushion and a pair of Gloria scrungy.

Yup, she likes to move it move it.

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Shana said...

Wow, u guys brave the super hot weather to visit USS! Looks like Jaimie enjoyed herself there. I should be bringing ZY (and) DY nearer to year end when the weather is not so hot, cos' the hot weather makes me a nasty mommy!hahaha!

Joyce Long said...

Hey Jaimie is getting prettier...I love her smile...

Ee Ping said...

Wow, looks like you guys really enjoyed yourselves! btw, are there suitable rides for kids like kai? We are going first week of July but i think i will prob be carrying kai most of the time while waiting for SH to finish his rides! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos! Looked like you all had a blast despite the sweltering heat!

Clement said...

Check here for list of the attractions:

The rides we brought Jae on included:

1. Pantages Hollywood Theatre (Monsters Rock show)
2. King Julien's Beach Party Go-Around
3. Magic Potion Spin
4. Shrek 4D Adventure
5. Enchanted Airways
6. Waterworld show
7. Dino-Soarin'
8. Accelerator

Actually not that many, even though we did spent a good 9 hours in that place.

Angie said...

she went on the magic potion spin 2x. :)

Lydia said...

That was a good visit and you guys had fun huh! At 1st, I thot this was posted by Angie, so now had to re-organised my thoughts that it was you who lost(& found) your wallet... nice pictures esp. with your 2 lovely girls in, and those vouchers made really good bargain for food and souveniors!

Meekfreek said...

I love the first pic....Jaimie looks like a model from a Japanese clothing catalogue!