Friday, May 28

Princesses' Gathering @IMM (Happy Birthday, Princess Rain!)

It's Vesak Day and we decided to bring our Princesses to IMM for waterplay. The Prince was recovering from a fever and flu hence he could not make it to the ball gathering. So Princess Evil, Princess Demure and Princess Attitude met in IMM at 10am. Nice, cool weather for outdoor play!

They ran around so much that they became hungry after a while! They were served Poky sticks for snack. They each asked for 2 sticks.

Princess Attitude was so hungry and tired that she decided to lie down and sleep. Princess Evil was not so evil after all. She fed Princess Attitude the Poky sticks to give her energy.

"4 more sticks, please!" said Princess Demure.

"I also want 4 hor!" said Princess Evil, in an evil voice.

"Make it 5." "Hungry, sia." "Poky sticks not nice..."

"No more Poky sticks? Let's try eating the leaves." Princess Evil decided to transform herself into a giraffe and started chewing on the leaf. Mother Queen was horrified and yelled at the top of her voice to stop her from doing so.

"Heh heh heh. I shall chew my hair then. And there's nothing you can do about it. Boo!"

Princess Demure wasn't so demure anymore after playing too much with Princess Evil. The princesses ajourned to the ballroom Swensen to celebrate Princess Attitude's 4th birthday.
We all enjoyed the food in Swensen.

Oh... Look at the joy on her face!!!

Happy Birthday, Princess Rain! May you be blessed with happiness and good health always!

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Joyce Long said...

Borrow this post to wishing RR...special wonderful...happy...healthy...pretty always...frens forever...

wolfgirl said...

Thanks thanks thanks... words cannot express my gratitude. Really feel loved.

Anonymous said...

Eh so funny lah your photo captions.

Lydia said...

Super love Princess Demure's baby fat, she is so adorable in the last 4th pic with Princess Evil who is really funny in her "glasses"! Here's wishing Princess Attitude a very sweet belated 4th birthday... may you have more smiles like sunshines to brighten you mommy's days. :)