Thursday, May 27

About The Good (and I really mean GOOOOD) Food Again

I blogged about the nice eatery which serves excellent dumplings and other food at 3 Kampong Bahru Road recently. I missed their dumplings so much that I had to go again.

Clement and I took the MRT to Outram Station and we walked towards the Pinnacle, then turn right to Neil Road. It has been a LLLLOOOONNNNGGGGG time since I last passed by Neil Road. Along Neil Road stood the remains of my primary school. So much fond memories flooded my mind when I saw this building!

While I was walking along Neil Road, I discovered under the old, old flats is a shop which sells famous Ang Koo Kweh! It is called 吉祥红龟粿 . Ya, ang koo kweh is usually present in every auspicious occasion! I bought some to try. YUMMY! Hmmm.. sorry, I forgot to take a picture of that old shop with yellow and red signboard.

These was what the 2 of us ate for lunch.

Shanghaiese fried rice cake.上海炒年糕。8.5/10
Panfried dumpling.锅贴。nice shapes but not chow-dar enough. 7.5/10

Dumplings. 饺子11/10

Vegetarian appetitizer. Excellent to go with beer. A little too salty to eat on its own. 7/10.

Pork Floss Sesame Pancake.黄金煎饼。12/10

We finished all the food on the table. Too delicious to not eat them! I didn't manage to take pictures of some food items because they were gone before I remembered to take pictures but they were in my previous post, anyway.
Mini Spring roll: 10/10
Xiaolongbao: 10/10 (some said they are better than DingTaiFeng's. And they are much cheaper too)
Today, I went with 2 of my colleagues again to eat the food. We ordered the same food plus this tofu, pork floss and century egg cold dish. The dim sum cafe at Takashimaya basement 1 serves the same food without the century egg and they used soba sause. LaiLai Beef noodles serves this without the sauce. I wonder what sauce they used for this dish. It was a little spicy and it was perfect. It must be their secret recipe! 10/10!!

My colleague, Danni, serving us the fried rice cake.
Will we go again?
Of course!!!!

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