Friday, May 21

GOOD ( and I really mean GOOOODDD!!) Food

It's post exam period in school and this is the best time to arrange enrichment programs and learning journeys for students. I decided to bring them to learn more about a chinese traditional food--饺子(dumplings).

The students had a lot of fun learning the tradition and types of dumplings. They even tried their hands on trying to wrap the dumplings! After the learning session, the students and teachers get to sample some of the food in the restaurant. We all LOVE the food! It's just so delicious! I tell you, this place serves one of the best dumplings I have ever tasted! The sesame pancake is also excellent!!

It's a very humble and small restaurant at 3 Kampong Bahru Road. It's called 稻香拉面小笼包馆. Where is this 3 Kampong Bahru Road? It's at the end of Neil Road, opposite the bus interchange near SGH. The nearest MRT would be Outram MRT.
Turst me. You got to try the food there.
I am bringing Clement and Jaimie there this weekend. :)

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Meekfreek said...

I've been to this place many, many times. The fried ones (gyoza thingys) are the best! Next time must try their red bean pancake!

Shana said...

I love 饺子!! The Din Tai Feng's ones are not bad.. but too commercialize, guess this shop you've mentioned is family-run biz. Must try if i happened to be nearby. ^_^

Angie said...

MF, yes!! the red bean pancake is so yummy!!
when i see you i gv you a voucher for free xiaolongbao and dessert.

Angie said...


it is absolutely the best. it's not a family business. just 3 partners.

Calvin Tay said...

i remember the last time you brought s03 out for a learning journey was for a tea appreciation at chinatown!! i think it was tea appreciation...haha, but it was enjoyable and definitely one of the few things i enjoyed as a student!! hehe

Angie said...

Calvin, it's at north bridge road. a fun outing, it was! but the pretty and elegant shifu has left the teahouse. i am now sourcing another teahouse to bring the students for learning journey. found one today, yet to try them out. :)