Saturday, May 22


This is Jaimie, the great artist.

She draws a little man with a smiley face and signature spiky hair.

She draws her signature spiky hair on the big face too.

Her daddy helps her to add facial features on the big face.

She continues to add on the spiky hair

Somebody drew a face on the sand. Jaimie helped to add on the spiky hair and printed her name too.

A rare "family picture" whereby the characters do not have spiky hair. Jaimie's story behind the art piece: Mommy and Jaimie in the room, Daddy is playing computer game in the other room. Later she changed her story to "Daddy and Mommy in the room, Jaimie is in her room."

Jaimie examins the Darth Vader drawn by daddy.

She adds on the spiky hair for Darth Vader too. No wonder Vader turned to the dark side...

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crazymommy said...

So Cute!!!!

wolfgirl said...

wahahaha... very funny commentary!

The Darth Vadar is very well drawn!

happypig said...


sherlyn said...

Very cute. And wow, your hubby can draw so well.

Lydia said...

wahsey... papa's drawing not bad wor~ Jae is so funny adding hair to that starwar character... My gals oso drew 3 lines as hair until I taught them more like curly, pig/pony tails, straight-long hair and crew-cuts...may be papa can teach Jae different types of hairstyles?