Thursday, July 7

France, Paris, Disneyland

The biggest highlight of this trip, to the children (and adults!) is definitely Disneyland! The children already had lots of fun in Legoland and we promised them MORE FUN in Disneyland!
Hence, the most often heard threat during the trip was "if you do not behave/ eat your dinner/ sleep early/ take your medicine/(any other desired action by the kids), you will NOT go to Disneyland!"

So, well, here we are!!! Euro-Disney with our personal guide, Mr and Mrs Cedric!

First thing first, buy accessories so that the children (maybe adults?) can wear for the day!
3 Minnie-wannbes and a little wizard.
First stop first, er... I cant remember the name! Thunder something?! It's the most popular ride in Disneyland with the longest queuing time. We spent about 45mins to wait for our turn. It's definitely worth the wait!

Then, we ventured into the haunted mansion.

Jaimie didn't say that she was a little frightened but I could sense her nervousness when she saw the hideous creatures. I kept telling her those were not real and made fun of them. She bravely sat through the ride. Well done, my girl!
Pirates of the Carribbean wasn't scary after we have been into the haunted mansion.
Jaimie was absolutely delighted to see the legendary princesses! She totally believed that she had seen the REAL Cinderella and company.

After the 2 not-so-child-friendly thrilling visits, "It's a Small World" lightens up the children's mood immediately and they were grinding broadly when they were on the ride. A contrast to their quiet and wary look earlier.

Happy after the Small World ride.

The children's favourite uncle. He planned the sequence of the rides so that we could maximise our time there, ran to get express tickets for us, entertained our children, carried them when they were tired... Uncle Cedric, WE (the adults) LOVE YOU!!

The lovely couple. We were tired running around the whole day, let alone Elodie who is pregnant with 7mths! Thank you, Elodie! You are wonderful.
One of the few group pictures with EVERYBODY looking at the camera.
We hopped over to Disney Studio, the neighbouring theme park which were not in operation yet when we last visited EuroDisney in 2002.
We took the "Hollywood Hotel Tower" without knowing what was installed for us. We screamed and screamed during the ride but Jaimie enjoyed it (!!!!!!!). Pam told me she was so frightened that she nearly peed in her pants. Wahahahaha!! I shall not reveal what was this ride about over here.

Me and Pam.
We were in time for the meet and greet session. The kids were thrilled, as usual. Jaimie thought she finally met Mr Woody and Ms Jessie in real person...

We went for a train ride around the studio. I was so tired I fell asleep during the ride.

After the power nap, I was ready for more fun again!

We went to Planet Hollywood for dinner at about 8pm. It was VERY CROWDED. We were hungry and we were angry with the long wait. Well, hungry = angry.
Jaimie fell asleep almost instanteously when we took the train back to the 1925 apartment. The girl slept all the way home and through the night and only woke up at about 10am the next day. Sorry, she didn't shower for the day.

This is my 4th visit to Disneyland. I simply love the place and this visit was definitely the best. Why? Because it is the happiest place on earth and it is even happier when you are there with your FAMILY and FRIENDS!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, Jaimie is so brave!!!!! My girls hated ANY rides that went in the dark. Surprisingly though, Faith loved Big Thunder Mountain (yes, that's the name).

You all looked like you had a blast! For some reason, it wasn't as funtastic for us as we were not too thrilled by the lack of gd service at the hotel and we probably got up too early each day.

Angie said...

Hi Diana!

We were very surprised by Jaimie's liking for thrilling rides too! Since when did she become so brave? We had no idea~

We were quite tired towards the end of the trip (ie, in Paris). Plus, we got to take the metro instead of driving (as we did in UK and Rochefort), we walked till we nearly bai-kah. I am sure we wld not hv as much fun if we were not with our friends!

Idy said...

The pictures are simply stunning!