Friday, July 8

France, Paris, The Beauty of Paris

After a very tiring at Disneyland, our very thoughtful friend Cedric planned something nice and easy for us the following day. We visited the Church of the Madeleine and Louvre. Very, very beautiful church.

Street view from the top of the stairs to the church. A lovely couple had just had their wedding in the church.

The door itself is a piece of art work.

I was trying to explain to Jaimie about stone sculpture in simple and kiddy terms when she suddenly replied, "我知道,是石匠雕刻出来的。" My jaws dropped. She knew this from one of the stories she read and she could relate what she read to what she saw! I cannot be more impressed.

Then, we went to the Concorde. Cedric gave us a history lesson but unfortunately I was too busy watching over Jaimie (whom I suspect was still high from the previous day's trip to Disneyland...) that I couldn't get much of it. Sorry, pal. I will read up from the internet. Promise.

We did a lot of tourist-y pictures in Louvre. Well, we're tourists!!

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