Wednesday, July 6

Paris 18th-22nd June 2011 -- An apartment built in 1925

To me, it only exists in the black and white movies. Old apartments built in the early 20th century with the legendary lifts with iron grills, squeaky parquet floor and noisy taps. In Singapore, we lived in a city where modernisation takes priority. It is really hard for me to imagine living in an apartment built almost a century ago. However, old buildings are proudly and carefully conserved in France. The apartment Cedric and Elodie lived is built in 1925! We stayed in their apartment while the other 2 families stayed in another rented apartment. It was a very special experience for me, to stay in a "movie set". It was almost like a dream come true.

The beautiful apartment built in 1925.

It is a hilly place. I wanted to go jogging around the neighbourhood but the slopes were so steep that I decided to give myself a break.

The room Cedric and Elodie prepared for us. It is going to be their princess's nursery!
The most modern part of the house-- the kitchen!

Carpeted corridor and staircase with romantic orange dim lightings.

The lift can only take 2 people. You need to open the iron grill to get into the lift.

The walkway in the house.

The entrance.

We took a walk to Sacred Ceour as it is rather near Cedric's apartment. So beautiful by the night.

and so beautiful by the day too!

We could see the beautifully lit Eiffel Tower from a distance.

Lots of shopping and good food around the area. There were many traditional French restaurants around with people playing traditional French music on the accordion. The whole ambience is just so, so, so romantic!

The salad is SSSSOOOOOO GOOOODDDD that we requested to go back again for lunch! I was very full but I still stuffed myself with the delicious salad (it's not a very healthy salad, by the way, with the enormous amout of deep fried potatoes and the other oh-so-heavenly dressing).

It was really a very unique and nice experience to live in an old apartment. I simply love it!

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