Wednesday, June 29

2011 UK Trip -- Legoland

The rain clouds were following us everywhere in UK. We had to make a lot of alternate arrangements due to the bad weather. The funny thing was, the moment we stepped indoor, the sun shined brightly but it rained cats and dogs the moment we stepped outside. With this kind of weather, it was also very difficult for us to choose our attire. We looked at the morning sun and brought our shades and wore short sleeves. After breakfast, the dark clouds appeared from nowhere and started a downpour, just for us.=.=

On the morning we were deciding to venture to Legoland or not, the same thing happened. The sky looked dreadfully threatening. After debating over the breakfast table for almost an hour (and we took another 2 hours to rent 3 cars), we took the gamble. And we won! We had one of the best days in the tour in Legoland!

We customerize our own virtual driver and vehicle and had a race.

Jaimie enjoyed all the thrilling rides! Thankfully she meets the height limit for most of the rides, which is 1m.

This viking was too kiddy for Jaimie. It was just a warm up for her.

She went on the REAL THING! And she asked to go AGAIN!! And I dare not take the ride! Check out the dark clouds n the sky!!

Roller coaster. She was happy to take the 1st seat.

Again! Again!


This one doesn't go as high up like the one in Genting. It just swung you around.

Uncle Yeow Seng: "Am I the only one feeling scared?"

Legoland is a big theme park with lots of rides! One of Jaimie's favourite theme parks.


Toot toot train for the "young and old".

Jaimie flew the helicopter. I was the co-pilot. :)

Scenery from London made with Lego. Whatelse?

Definitely one of the best days in UK. The weather was windy and couldn't decide to rain or not. We only had a brief shower during our lunch break and were blessed with a relatively dry day.

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stardust said...

I love theme parks! This one looks so cool with all the lego!