Sunday, October 31

Great Eastern Run 2010

My buddy and I were on the run again!

The atmosphere at the starting point at around 6.50am was excellent but the flag off was delayed by 15mins for some reason. People started to get impatient and the whole carnival ambiance died down. It didn't help when we were all made to listen to the GE advertisement before the VIPs blasted the airhorns.

Nonetheless, we enjoyed the run! Some runners were dressed up since it's Halloween today. I couldn't overtake them even though they had hats and put on witches' nose while running! Wicked!

My finishing time: 1hour 6mins45 sec, according to my watch. I checked the official timing and ranking of the race and I am the 948th to finish the race!! Gosh!! The ranking sounds bad but I was happy with the timing! I didn't train for this run because I was ill for a while and when I was well, it's peak period at work. Yet, I made another improvement in my timing! It's a 6mins improvement from my Bay Run!! Quite impressed with myself... hahahaha!!!
Anyway, something unpleasant happened during the run. When we were into the final 100m or so, I felt a push on my back. It wasn't a strong push so I thought it might be HappyPig someone I knew. Instead, I saw a stranger behind me and she was saying things like "Don't block the way!". The music was blasting very loudly at the finishing area so I couldn't hear very clearly. I was flabbergasted before I felt really angry. I wanted to catch up with her to confront her but my legs couldn't carry me any faster. So I had to let the matter rest... hiaz!

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SheueTyng said...

hi Angie,

My timing was also abt 3-4mins faster than my usual 5km. I suspect the route is shorter :)

Never mind abt that fella, she's just sore that you are faster than her haha

Lydia said...

I read the paper that the 1st runner had a timing of 30-something minutes... that means running at 20km/hr?! Maranthon ah!

Lydia said...

Marathon* :P

Angie said...

not marathon.. it's 飞毛腿~~~ :D