Tuesday, November 2

Bento #148

Message from the Mad Robot:

Dearest Kinigu Blog readers,

Thank you for your support and interest in the Kinigu blog. This blog started as a family blog and this mad owner's intention is to document the growth of her daughter and her family's crazy activities. Her daughter is growing up at an incredible speed and she thought it is right that she should give her foolish daughter some privacy. Hence, she created a random blog http://kinigu-bento.blogspot.com/ whereby she will continue to share her nonsensical bento ideas and will keep this one private.

This cuckoo blogger is in the process of cutting and pasting the bento posts to the new blog. As she is an IT-idiot, she will need to sort medical help from a nutty professor to help her with the setting up of the new blog. Once that is done, this blog will be closed for private visitors only.

Thank you again, and see you in http://kinigu-bento.blogspot.com/

The Mad Robot

p/s: check out my hair. It's insane.

14 voices:

Shana said...

I'm also thinking of privatizing my blog. Pls invite me ya once yours is done.

mommygoh said...

oh dear... i'm gonna so miss seeing your cute little girl and her growing up adventures!
it's been a really good 1.5years of following your blog. thanks for the wonderful writing.
thoroughly enjoyed reading!! :)

Jocelyn said...

I'm going to miss lil Jae's smile, especially after "watching" her grown from a baby to now.

Can invite me when you privatized your blog?



stardust said...

Actually you can try exporting all your posts to another duplicate blog. Then just sort out all the posts not tagged with bento and delete them. Do not need to cut and paste.

I have not tried and not sure if it works but you can try.

Yes pls also send me an invite to Jae's blog when it is up. Thanks.

sherlyn said...

Sure understand your reason for "privatising" your blog .. that is the same reason why I do not have a personal blog. hehe.

I will be following your bento blog in future once you are ready. All the best to the little princess, and do feel free to add me to your personal blog kekeke.


Anonymous said...

I really had a great time reading about Jamie's antics & gonna miss your witty & interesting blogs abt the little one's acts.

Will continue to follow yr bento blogs definitely & till the next MayDay concert...

MayDay rocks!

YB(the other one... :P)

chinmama said...

I'm always enjoying reading your blog. Please invite me too. I don't want to miss it. Thanks!

Ee Ping said...

Err... how come e 'hair balls' in your latest bento look like uncooked meat!?? :p Pink cuttlefish balls? ;)

Angie said...

EePing, no lah, they are imitation crab meat balls. you just came back from nippon and you think it's sashimi?? :D

anne said...

hi angie, very glad to be part of your lil ger, as I am stepping bk to wkforce. Mum of 2 boys p1 and 3. silent reader and faithful bento follower.hope to be part of your invited readers...anne

Idy said...

Hmm... why is everyone privatising their blogs? Anyway, please send me an invite once you have privatised it. Many thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've been a silent reader of your kinigu blog and your exchangediaries blog (before you went private)since 2006. Would you allow me to continue reading your blog when you go private, thanks!


Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Yeah, going to miss my daily bread of reading your fun blog. But again, respect both Clement and your decision to go privatised..: )

Be in touch and all the best.