Friday, October 29

Jaimie's First Window Artwork

After another satisfying dinner with my little princess, we walked around IMM and I decided that it's time for Jaimie to try out this window art thingy which many kids are addicted to. I asked if she was keen to try and Jaimie was overjoyed. She hopped into the enclosed area and took a while to decide that she wanted to paint Doraemon. So, I forked out $5.50 for her very first window artwork.

She always coloured the tongue first.
I took a while to convince her that Doraemon was light blue, NOT purple or dark blue. Then, I remembered that I should not interfere with her choices since this was her own work.

Spreading the paint to cover the corners.
So far so good~

She panted the hands pink and one of the feet violet. I have no objections until she started to choose another colour for the other foot.

Do you think I am too laissez-faire to allow a magenta-faced Doraemon???? Maybe Jaimie's idea was that Doraemon was flying on its Dragonfly until its face turned purple? Hmmmm..... you never know!


Jaimie was so fascinated with the artwork and pleased with herself. She was admiring her masterpiece as she was walking until I threatened to confiscate her purple-faced Doraemon.

This was quite fun! No wonder my friend Pam (not her children!) was addicted to it!

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小的 said...

purple-faced doraemon looks pretty cool!!! ~approval from die-hard doraemon fan~

happypig said...


BS said...

remember Picasso also drew his self-portrait multi-coloured :) it's just individual perception depending on which school of thoughts too :)