Monday, October 25

Feasting With Jaimie

Jaimie has extra dance classes on Monday late afternoons to prepare her for her up-coming dance exam. Usually I will bring her there by public transport but since Clement is out of town and I get to drive the car, I drove today.

I don't drive that often so being a kiasu driver, I set off very early (the same time if I were to take a bus, that is). Needless to say, we were 1hr early for class. Hanging out in a fast food restaurant is the best way to wild away some time. Jaimie and I went to KFC, shared a chicky meal and played the soccer game which came along with it.

Then, we got a bit bored and decided to compete in doing silly faces. I did 10 silly faces and then it's her turn to do 10 too without repeating the expression. Silly game but it was fun for both of us. I hope nobody in the restaurant choked on their food when they saw us doing these...
Silly face #1

Silly Face #2

Silly Face #3

Silly Face #4

Silly Face #5

Silly Face #6

Silly Face #7

Silly Face #8

Silly Face #9

Silly Face #10
#7 is a repeat of #1! She lost!!!

While Jaimie was in the dance studio, I went around shopping and bought her some clothes. I got this set from a push cart and I let her tried the size in case I needed to do an exchange. It fitted nicely! Yeah! Forget about changing lah, let's go for a good dinner together.

We went to Sizzler. Jaimie has the "women's buffet spirit". She ate till she was super full and told me she needed to take a break and walk around to digest her food. Then, after 5mins, she downed 2 sundae and 3 waffle cones... you see, women always have a separate stomach for dessert.

When we reached home, I plucked up the courage to stand on the body fat scanner... WALAU. I told myself, I. SHALL. NOT. EAT. BUFFET. ANYMORE. if I want to keep this analyser.
It was a very enjoyable time with my daughter, though. :)

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stardust said...

Cannot decide I like her new sweet top or cute pants better! How much do they cost?

Angie said...

whole set $38.80. sold separately. you shd go to suntec often! they have really cute stuff for kids (and adults) and babies!

Jocelyn said...

I like her expressions. And am very surprised she can eat so much...

happypig said...


wolfgirl said...

That is a cute outfit! And very very cute facial expressions!

Next time you can play 喜怒哀乐 with her.

I love sizzler... After Sunday's run, you can go for another buffet on Monday!

Angie said...


I have strike off buffet from my menu until further notice (which can be any time...). after the buffet at Sizzler, my body fat has increased and my body age is higher too! Can you believe it! and we are not even talking about The Line or Marriot Hotel. It's just Sizzler!! Ridiculous!!

LZmommy said...

Cute outfit :)
Love the way you bond with Jaimie. :)