Friday, October 22

Karada Scan

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Clement bought this thing. It not only measures your weight, it measures your body fat at various part of your body, your vascular fat, your body age and your resting metabolic rate too.
To my very pleasant surprise, the fat content in various parts of my body is all within the healthy range, my vascular fat is only 3 (anything below 9 is good), body age is one year younger than my actual age (while Clement is 7 years older!).
Happy!!! I can continue to eat my char kwey teow! Hahahaha~~
No. Actually I am not a fan of char kwey teow.
I will continue to watch my diet and exercise regularly so that I can have a healthy body to look after my family, watch Jaimie grow up and grow old with my dear old hubby.
This scanner costs $238 if purchased online. I think it is a good investment so that we can check ourselves regularly.

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Shana said...

Good for you! I don't dare to weigh myself with this cos' I still wants to eat my fav cheesecake. 

Angie said...

shana, please... you are sooooo slim!!!! cant even tell you are a mother of 2!

happypig said...


Joyce Long said...

yes it is gd long as you are fit look younger..

秉鸿娘亲 Mom of Everett said...

Angie, I want to get one for myself too ... can share which online store you got it from?

I tried googling, most sites charge more that $250 exclude shipment.

Angie said...

MOM!!! It has been a long time!! how are you! are you still blogging? i lost the link to your blog leh!
abt the online store, i ask Clement then i get back to you, ok?

Clement said...

the name card of that fella who delivered the body fat analyzer should still be on the table. the shop's name and address is in there. $238 with free delivery is the best deal i could find for this. comes with 1 year warranty.

Angie said...



秉鸿娘亲 Mom of Everett said...


Clement, thanks for the info ya!

If you are on facebook, feel free to add:
my boy:

Anonymous said...


James Walker said...

Nice informations...Keep it sharing...Karada Scan