Wednesday, October 6

Bento #144

Since the egg mayo with apple cubes was a big hit, I decided to make it again today. To my dismay, the Sunshine enriched white bread was smaller than my "pita pan". I couldn't seal my sandwich!!
AARRRGGGHHHH~! So I had to use a cling wrap to keep the fillings from falling all over the place.
Should have bought the Sunshine thick toast. I bought this because I get a free loaf of bread with 3 wrappers... I am an auntie, ok!

2 voices:

sw wong said...

Green or red apples? Wouldn't they become brown? This one can try ar! Thinking of sandwich day next week again! Maybe can make this too~ When you more free? Next week good? 预埋你!;)

Angie said...

ON! any day except Friday. on course.
I can make this filling. i use red apples. cut in cubes and soak them in salt water for a while n it wont turn brown. i usually add some garlic salt n pepper too.