Saturday, October 2

Jaimie Dance Exam Piece

Seriously, I am not sure what exam it is. Theatrical Tots something... and I don't really care.

Her dance teacher asked me if I would like to let her go for an exam. There would be extra lessons and charges. I signed her up because she would get to dance more as she really enjoys moving her body to the music.

The curtains were drawn during the exam class so I have not much idea what's happening inside the studio. Today, after the lesson, teacher Sarah invited the parents to go in and watch the girls perform and take video. Oh, I tell you, Clement and I are so extremely proud of our little dancing queen!!!

Her exam will be on 5th Nov. Hmmm, I won't say "Good luck" or "All the best" to her. I will just tell Jaimie, "Go and enjoy yourself, dear! Have fun!"

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wolfgirl said...

Well done!!! That is not an easy feat! Quite a number of steps to learn.

Joyce Long said...

Congrats. Look at her hop hop..she is really and truly good..

Lydia said...

SUGAR! Ah.. honey honey~ You are my candy gal and you've got me "WOWING"... esp. the hip's part, haha! I almost forgot abt her dancing class... yea, have fun and I believe Jae is gonna enjoy the little exam.

I like how Jae threw herself into Papa's arms and how Papa planted kisses on his Sugar, pure SWEETNESS~ :)

小的 said...

she has the groove~~~~

Anonymous said...

hi cute your daughter!
so smart of her to be able to remember the steps! which ballet school is this?

Angie said...

It's not exactly a ballet sch. it's Jody Marshall Dance School.