Saturday, October 2

Kids' Olympics 2010

The 1st Youth Olympics Games may be over but we're having another Olympics in town. It's our very own KIDS' OLYMPICS GAMES! We even drove on the special lane to go to the stadium.

Introducing our athletes...

Ezra Chuang!
Jaimie Ng!
Rain Tan!
Cherrlyn was late hence she missed out on the special introduction of the athletes.

The mascot.
The athletes doing their warm up very seriously.
Our cheer leader!
Athletes marching in.
Warm up cum opening ceremony.
Getting ready for event number 1: 50m dash.
Winner: Jaimie Ng with a new Game Record!

Event number 2: Shot Put.
An emotional moment: tears of disappointment.

An emotional moment: Smile of victory.

Be it Olymics, YOG or Kids Olympics, it's all about friendship and sportsmanship!

Event number 3& 4: High Jump and Long Jump

Why were the kids holding the rubber band rope?
Because we wanted to play too!

Parent and child skipping rope.

Friends skipping together.

Everybody is a champion!

5 voices:

shana said...

the trophy is a nice touch!

viv said...

It was a fun day just hope it has been longer!

Lydia said...

didn't realise the road pic has an Olympic theme seeing it just from FB's album... and the giraffe was actually the mascot!

小的 said...

u guys are such great parents!!!!!

BS said...

so envious your group being so united in meeting regularly, with a "theme" for the kids every time too! :)