Thursday, October 7

Pleasant Surprises!

After the interview was published in Young Parents, I was very pleasant surprised to receive some enquires and order of my book "My Bento Stories". I was even more surprised when Grace from Simple Thots offered to send me a lunch punch to make my bento making even more fun!

I was so excited when I saw the parcel at my door today!

So cute, aren't they!!! They are going to make my bread so princessy and so delicious to the eyes too. I am sure Jaimie is going to LLOOOVVEEE it!

Can't wait to make sandwiches with them next week!!!!!

Thank you so much for the gift and the friendship, Grace!!!

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wolfgirl said...

wow... really very princessy..

Its nice to receive parcels, right??

Crystal said...


I am a bento- making mommy too. Aftr reading YP, I wanted to get your book but only bishan popular carries it now. Any idea if kinokuniya carries your book too? Bishan is abit out of the way for me though. Or I could get from you?

It's nice to find another local bento mom! Thus I sure will support local bento authors! Kudos :)

Angie said...

Hi!Kinokuniya has my book. you may get from me too. email me at

great to know another bento mommy!! yes!! and we can exchange ideas and motivate one another. click on my links to see LZmommy's blog. she is the mommy who inspired me to make bento! :)

anna2003 said...

omg, i am so excited to find another bento-mama here in singapore. would definitely check out your book soon. are they in chinese? congratulations! and i love this sandwich cutter. i just cant resist any bento gadgets/tools! (^.*)
have a nice weekend to you and family!


Angie said...

Hi Anna!:)
Ya.. i cant resist the shopping part too! it makes the bento-ing even more exciting, isnt it!
check out LZmommies' blog. she is the bento guru who inspired me!