Sunday, October 17

Jaimie's First Dance Performance

Whenever we saw children performing on stage, Clement and I always wondered when it would be Jaimie's turn to have her special moment. Finally, the day was here! The dance school which Jaimie is attending is conducting a little concert for the children. Needless to say, I was more excited and nervous than the super-excited Jaimie! I had her costume, hair accessories etc packed and checked the night before the big day.

Here's the program line up. Jaimie's item was number 5 on the list.

We were asked to arrive an hour and a half before the start of the concert. I thought I could use the time after their final rehearsal to make up for Jaimie but since every parent was already dolling her child up, I figured out that I better do so too! Tying the hair for Jaimie was a big challenge for me. I had to do it a few times and pulled her hair (literally) in the process. It was quite badly done but at least I know how to make it better during her exam. Anyway, I was wondering as I was putting on make up for Jaimie, how could they expect every parent to know how to tie the hair for her child? Or is it just my problem?

The girls did one last round of rehearsal with Ms Sarah. Every girl's dance was perfect but at the same time, none of them was perfect! You could very clearly see each and every one's strengths and weaknesses, as well as their character, from their movements. Maybe I am watching too much Criminal Minds. I was actually profiling them as I was watching them!!! WALIEW!!!

After the rehearsal, the girls ran to the studio next door to amuse themselves. We took photos for them. They all know how to pose for the camera!!! From left, Zoe, Lea, Isabelle and Jaimie. I could barely recognise them after they put on their costume and make up!!

Finally, the moment is here!!

Jaimie: "click to see the video...oops!"

Jaimie had a little blunder on stage and her moves were not at all perfect. However, she was confident, excited, happy and most of all, enjoying every single moment of the performance. When she came down from the stage, she kept telling me how much fun it was to go up to perform. She loved it so much.

There is no need to be the best dancer or be in the limelight. Jaimie dear, we want you to enjoy what you like to do, and enjoy it to the fullest. If you like dancing, just move your body~ nobody can stop you.

We are so proud of our little girl.

Now I know why parents shed tears when they watch their children on stage.

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happypig said...


wolfgirl said...

That is wonderful! Jaimie's rythmn is better that the other girls.. (speaking from an aerobic fan's viewpoint). (顿点都对了!)
The steps are not easy, ok? Especially that 'box' step at the end...some kids may 'entangle' their legs.

I love her make up. Is that a new ballet costume?

Well done!!!!! (Did you cry?)

Joyce Long said...

Whao...gosh!! Jae is superb and dances beautifully...and u have dolled her up beautifully...we all r so proud of jae and u...thumbs up all the way!!!

chinmama said...

She can perform very well on stage. Most importantly, she has no stage fright. So she will be looking forward to another performance on stage. well done!

Shana said...

Where is the blunder? I truly can't see it. Jaime had done so well. I love the way they shake their little bums.. Soooooo CUTE!!! 



What blunder??

Levine Tay said...

Jaimie did very well!! And steady poon pee pee!!

Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Jaimie confidence level on stage is already a champion in itself..fantastic performance and it was a real joy to watch.

Looking forward to her next big show...: )


Lydia said...

So nice to see some "backstage" pics! :) Hey, you can learn to do a ballet bun from youtube and give it a go in Nov for Jae's little exam, maybe you need hairpins aplenty?? Anyway, so glad that Jae enjoyed herself! All the gals' dance were perfect, considering them @ 4yo.

You and your Criminal Minds... are you profiling the commenters - us too??? haha :P

viv said...

she is so cute... so pretty also... i like the cris cross legs part best.. she so fast & confident!! well done....

小的 said...

She is good!!!! look at the way she criss-cross her feet!

Jocelyn said...

Wow, she's very pretty. And she had danced very well already consider her age and the steps.