Saturday, January 17

I'MM Yours Truly

With our marriage having just crossed the 10th year milestone, I thought it was quite opportune and well, somewhat novel too, to renew our wedding vow in a mass solemnization event that would be graced by Fann Wong and Christopher Lee. This event was, of course, organised as part of the promotional activities for the upcoming CNY movie 大喜事 aka "The Wedding Game", starring this "most famous couple in Mediacorp".

After putting in our registration, I threw a casual invitation to Nic to ask if he and Bee Lay would like to join us. This is the guy whom I've jio-ed for all sorts of things - go makan and pubbing, buy Toto and 4D, buy comics, discuss movies and games, apply leave to see Neil Gaiman I was a little unsettled over my decision to sign up for this whole affair when Nic told me that this was the stupidest thing I'd ever jio-ed him to do.

Ouch. Plus uh-oh. However, since I'd already confirmed our attendance with the organisers and all, I decided Angie and I should just 硬着头皮 and go for it anyway.

And so we did, this afternoon.

The host for this event was 谢家发 of YES!933. Like many of such events, he came on stage before the bigger shots did, to prime the crowd and to give out sponsored prizes to members of the audience who answered insultingly simple questions related to the movie they were promoting. The prizes weren't too shabby though, and included stuff like essence of chicken and birds' nest.

Fann and Chris appeared at about 6:20pm. They were both pretty candid throughout the entire event, many a times bickering with and teasing each other on stage. This helped lighten the mood quite a bit. After the mass recital of the wedding vow, Fann and Chris presented gifts and took pictures with each of the 27 participating couples.

Other (quasi-) celebrities that turned up included those that had cameo appearances in the movie, such as (from left in pic below): 萧佳慧, 陈迪雅 and this other girl Mandy-something who's supposed to be the cover girl of whichever issue of FHM.

This couple here was deliberately placed last in the queue because this bloke here actually made his surprise proposal on stage. Apparently, his fiance hadn't known about the arrangement until this very afternoon around 5+pm. He had the full works, with bouquet and diamond ring and the going down on his knees routine. Walow eh, this guy choot pattern...he win! Kudos to him for this display of courage (or thickness of skin, depending on how you choose to view it) that is surely beyond mere men like myself.

I was initially prepared to don black, but at the last minute Angie declared that she couldn't fit into her black dress (as many of you know, she'd successfully shed 6kg in the past few months). Eventually I picked my pink shirt to match her maroon dress.

The advertisement poster enticed with the promise of a "candle lit dinner". Well, this was it. I'm not complaining, though. It did fill our stomachs prior to our follow-up activitiy - CNY shopping at Giant Supermart.

The obligatory shot with the movie poster in the background.

Besides a can of 人月牌鲍鱼 and some IMM vouchers, each couple also received an autographed movie poster. What intrigued me was that the greetings penned by Fann and Chris on each of the 27 posters were different (although I didn't scrutinise all 27 of them, I didn't spot any repeats in those that I did see).

Ours was 龙凤呈祥. Yup, one for the coming CNY.

The event featured over Channel 8 news:

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Aces Family said...

hi Clement,

So nice of you even to register for the event with Angie. Always so LOVING... : )

Ahem...sorry the following msg is going to be a bit nasty...: P

Just can't stand this FW AND OLD LIAO..still ACT ACT...esp that FW...*puke*
(ps: i am an anti-fw fan....haha)

So this show for sure won't be earning my CNY $$$...haha.


Clement said...

haha...Astee, you juz couldn't resist throwing that in, could you?

Fact is, all of us are acting. Every single one of us, no matter how old we get. The only difference is, some people do it for a living, while the rest of us do it as part of our lives.

Meekfreek said...

Ha ha! This is funny! Well you both looked very nice.

Alamak! Fann stole my hairdo! Hate her lah....she looks better than me. Especially since she is sooo OLD!

stardust said...

What a lovey dovey couple... Clement and Angie!

Lydia said...

Fann is SO pretty!! I'm still amaze at her accepting Chris despite his jail's term...

Hey, it ain't stupid at all, I think it's the sweetest thing you did in signing up, as good as the guy who proposed on stage ;)

And you look pretty good in pink, complimenting Angie so well.

What a way to renew the vow!

Joyce Long said... nice to see both of you 甜甜蜜蜜 here.. : )

Moon said...

Ohh i saw this on the news .. so nice you are one of the couple there.. so sweet! =)

Angeline said...

oh my.
Clement, what you did is almost comparable to what that guy did on stage liao lah....

but seriously, I'll rather not have that type of proposal leh... very zhuo-zhuo leh... I'll rather a quiet one, just the two of you kind...

Vivien said...

Aiyo so so sweet!

Hann Hann said...

not hann but hann's mummy said...

lovely dress, Angie.

and so sweet of you, Clement, to "match" her.