Sunday, January 18

Jaimie's First Playground Revisted

Since we moved house, our ex-neighbour, a very kind aunty, helpe us to keep the letters that are still posted to our old address and will call me when there's a bundle to collect. We went over this morning to collect our letters and before Jaimie went to visit the aunty who dotes on her and hasn't seen her for 11 months, we spent some time in the playground under the block.

This playground is very special to us because it was where Jaimie spent most of her outdoor playing time when we lived in the neighbourhood. This was where she learnt to walk, learnt to climb, learnt to slide, learnt to balance and learnt to interact with other kids in the playground.

Both Clement and I got a little emotional when we saw Jaimie climbing up the structures which she couldn't do so the last time we spent time in this playground. We used to help her balance, helped her up the bars, guided her down the slides... now, she can do so by herself on the very same playground 11 months later!

We do miss our old neighbours. Over there, everybody (still) leaves our maindoors opened and greeted one another when we walked past the house. We have more privacy in the new place but I just felt that a little something is missing as compared to the old estate.

3 voices:

Shana said...

yup, old neighbourhood esp those with elderly residents are friendlier than those working couples neighbours that we only get to see once or twice a year!

Lydia said...

Quite a comprehensive playground there.

Angeline said...

Nice playground and I know where it is... *wink*