Sunday, January 18

My Nephew's 1 year old family gathering

We had a family gathering this afternoon at my MIL's place. It's to celebrate my nephew Kai's 1 year old birthday and also (I think) a house warming party.

That's the cute chap who is drooling a lot lately, especially today. Must be the cake lah. Kai is the carbon copy of his dad. Ah, my sister in law is also a MayDay fan!! Both of us got very close after we met at MayDay's concert 2 years ago. Before that, she was just "the sister in law" to me lah. :)

Jaimie and Kai playing together before Jaimie dominated the toys.

Jaimie with yeye and nainai.

Jaimie with YiPo(grand aunt) and YiZhang-gong (grand uncle). YiPo dotes on Jaimie very much and always showered her with tons of toys, clothes and bags!

Jaimie with zor-zor (great grandma) and YiPo-zor (great grandaunt). YiPor-zor makes the BEST deep fried pumpkin kweh and deep fried nian-gao sandwiched with yam. It's something we look forward to eating (although we were already over-eating during CNY period!!) when we visit her on CNY every year.

This was a short gathering as both the kids got cranky and sleepy after lunch. It's nice to have all the elderly folks for a lunch together, especially the great-grannies.

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Lydia said...

Nice gathering with the elderly and nice pictures for good keep-sakes :)

Angeline said...

just look at those smiles on the old folks faces and you'll know how much they like little Jaimie.... oh, with a cutie like her, who wouldn't?

Aces Family said...

Hi Angie,

Can i check if u know the recipe for the deep fried nian gao wz yam? Must you pre-cook the yam (like steam)? or just fried wz the nian gao?


Angie said...

i hv no idea, astee! every year i just gobble down the food at yipor-zor's place and i didnt bother to ask her.

this year i will ask... if i remember!! :D

Vivien said...

Hei my hubby says your brother/brother-in-law? looks familiar.

Is his name Ng Shu Han?

Clement said...

Vivien - what is your hubby's name?

Vivien said...

Hi Clement, so its ur brother huh?

Hub is Chek Soon! MP sergent course, your bro will know ;p