Friday, January 16

Bento #49

It is not easy to wake up everyday at 5am to make bentos. This morning I hammered on the alarm clock when it went off (that reminds me, the battery for the alarm is weak...must change battery!!) and continued to lay on the bed till 5.30am.

With my limited time (again), this is what I came up with: spaghetti in campbell chicken soup as sauce with cocktail sausages. This is my breakfast. It's yummy!!

My lunch is cold soba and a dragon fruit. I forgot to add in wasabi. TSK!! So angry with myself! I kept everything in the fridge at the staff pantry. Everything was nice and cold by lunchtime. I put the soba sauce in the little kitty container and added cold water from the water cooler before I pour onto my soba. Hmmmm.... nice lunch. It would be much nicer with WASABI!!

Clement had the same breakfast as me. We thought the black pepper fish luncheon was so-so. Maybe it's the black pepper lah. I had a few other flavours in my kitchen cabinet. Let's see how they taste like another time.

3 voices:

Angeline said...

now I am NOT exaggerating!
the moment I saw the 1st picture, my saliva glands started to react!

I love campbell soup
I love mixed beans
I love spaghetti
I love sausages

it would be THE PERFECT meal for me!!! *laugh*

wolfgirl said...

Your cold soba..... wow wow wow..

I will bu ingredients this Sunday and will make one such bento for monday... argh!!! Can't wait that long...

Rachel said...

I like the Campbell spaghetti!!! such interesting ideas!! must gave it a try! Thanks!