Thursday, January 15

Sew Good!

When I saw in Mamabliss's blog she sewed this bloomer set for her lovely daughter Joyce, I fell in love with her creation immediately. Hence, the moment I learnt that Mamabliss opened an online shop, I wasted no time in sending in my order. Her charges are very reasonable, in my opinion.

Tah-dah!! I received Jaimie's bloomer set from MamaBliss today via registered mail.
I simply love it!! And I think Jaimie looks good in it! Very comfortable and very pretty.

Thank you very much, Pauline!! You are SEW good!

5 voices:

mamabliss said...

wow looks like it fits Jamie very well! :) It's a pleasure to sew for your little darling... hehehe

LZmommy said...

That's so lovely! Now I wish I have another girl just so I can get something like that :p

Joyce Long said...

Oh yes..Pauline told me you have ordered from her the other day..You have met the right person who have this passion to sew....her workmanship is very not only good but also lovely.

Gosh..Jaimie look so beautiful.. sweet.feminine in her drew dress...

Angeline said...

the colour is AWESOME!!!!
Jaimie looks super pretty in it!
For CNY ah? *wink*

Angie said...

cant wait till CNY. she's going to wear to her cousin's 1 year old lunch gathering this sunday!! :D