Thursday, January 15

Bento #48

I overslept and woke up at 5.30am instead of 5am. Hence everything was done in a rush. What a perfect excuse for my simple bentos! Hahaha!! I wanted to fry some seaweed omelet to add to the bento but I was really running short of time. By the time I finished washing the pots and pans, it was already 6.35am.

I bought this special stainless steel bento box for our macho man Clement because as I have mentioned before, Hello Kitty embarrassed him terribly.... I got it from Sheng Siong for about $12.

This is my lunch.

This is for YH again. I promised her a nice bento but this is not up to standard. I can do better than this if I had woke up at 5am. And why did I oversleep? Because I MSN with her till midnight ...

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Angeline said...

in a rush???!
but the bentos looked GREAT!!!
if it was me, I'll probably just dump everything in without the 'eyes' and 'mouth' ~ now that's what I call 'work done in a rush' *wink*

Meekfreek said...

DIE LAH!!!! I need to have the Melody Face Box to complete my collection that I no longer use!!!!

I hope I can get it in Tokyo!

LZmommy said...

5.30 and you said you overslept? :) Nowadays, I just couldn't wake up earlier like you... That's why you see sloppy bento in my blog :p

Angie said...

hi LZMommy,
yes, 5.30am is oversleeping and i wont hv enough time considering i need to leave the house quite early for work.

you are so heavily pregnant and you are still making bentos! your bentos are not sloppy! they are filled with love!!

it seems like not very long ago you shared in your blog that you are expecting beanie and now you are going to deliver soon!! time really flies!!!

Joyce Long said...

Which sheng siong did you get it from? Does it keep able to kee it warm? Any particular brand? I saw a similar one at ntuc..zebra is the same huh?

Angie said...

I cant rem which brand was it. I got it from the sheng siong near the old Tang Dynasty. it is one of the bigger sheng siong i have been to. no it doesnt keep the food warm. it's just a plain stainless steel box which i thought might be useful if i make baked rice bento.